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Sleepovers parties

We love to help busy parents and make every child’s party dreams come true!

Specialising in sleepover party hire packages, our individual tents will provide the perfect themed celebration for your child and their friends.

With safety and fun being our top priorities, all of the equipment we supply is made with premium materials; and we can help you set up your slumber party to ensure that the little partygoers are safe and sound.

Choose from a wide range of themes and party activities that will turn your living room into an African Savannah, Surfers Point or an Owls Dream.

Whatever theme you choose, you can be sure that your party will provide an abundance of joy, laughter and memories for years to come.

Please come in…

Organizing a sleepover party can be time consuming and costly. Our own experiences hosting kids parties have sometimes been stressful and required a lot more planning than originally thought! Talking to family and friends, we have realized that lots of people are looking for sleepover party solutions that make planning easier and does not compromise on the fun.


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