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Theme ideas

Soocer Party

One of the most popular sports on earth is a great choice to decorate the room, prepare the cake, dress the guests as players (Of course, the host has to be number “10”) and have a lot of fun outdoors. And, if your sport is not soccer, you can try baseball, football or any other one.

Rock Star

Get the little ones to shine as if they are in Hollywood.  Singing, acting, mimic and so on, are some imaginative and creative activities everyone (for sure, including you) loves to do.

Emoji Party

Do emojis make your kids go :-)? Whether they’re playing “Pin the Face on the Emoji” or feasting on emoji-faced pizza, your kids (and you, too) will have a blast with this one. 😉

Art Party

Ditch the nice clothes and let your kids get messy! Use things like squirt guns, mega-canvases, shaving cream and paint-filled eggs, to get kids’ creative juices flowing.

Unicorns Party

What girl doesn’t love unicorns? Have the girls dressing in pink where a unicorn horn headeband is an absolute must for your little guests.

Luau Party

With its tropical, floral setting, a Luau party is a gorgeous one, especially including a layered hibiscus flower cake, frosted flower cookies, and adorable crab-shaped croissants.

Forest Party

Foxes, owls, and squirrels, oh my! Nature themes continue to be a sure bet, and little is sweeter than inviting the forest’s cutest creatures to the party with a woodland theme.

Mad Scientist

Kids will love being hands-on in this science-themed bash! Hand out lab coats and safety goggles, drink from beakers and put together experiments like bottle rockets (outside, of course!) made by dropping Mentos into a liter of cola.

Baking Party

Decorate cupcakes, cookies, you name it! Set out different colored icings and sprinkles and watch what crafty creations they cook up! Let them decorate their own aprons and even wear chef hats!

Superhero Party

Set out different superhero costumes, and let your guests choose their powerful persona upon arrival or have them come dressed as their favorite superhero!

Spa Party

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their birthday with a full spa treatment? Drop cucumber slices in water, offer soft and cozy robes and slippers and twirl their hair up in a towel for a day of pampering that includes manicures, pedicures, and facial masks.

Minions Party

Everyone loves those crazy minions, so throw a party where they can shine as bright as your bitty birthday star! Yellow foods galore—pineapple, bananas, popcorn—will be fun to snack on as your party guests don silver goggles or even yellow hard hats!

food recipes ideas

Mac & Cheese Bombs

Your favorite pasta dish goes forkless.

Cheeseburger Cups

Eating cheeseburgers just got way more fun.

Mini Tacos

Bring the campfire indoors.

Cookie Monster Popocorn

Perfect for the cookie obsessed.

Pizza Tornado

Pizza on a stick, need we say more?

Banana Split Pops

These pops are bananas!

Unicorn Dip

It’s dippin’ magical!

Pizza roll ups

Does a roll-up have anything on a slice? You decide.


Apple Stack

Have the guests try to stack 5 apples on top of each other.
5 apples per player

Breakfast Scramble

Cut the front of popular cereal boxes into 16 pieces and
scramble them. Have the kids (either in groups or individually)
try to put one of the cereal box puzzles back together.

Cereal Bracelet

See who can thread the most fruit loops onto a pipe cleaner
only using one hand.

Cookie Monster

Have everyone place a cookie on their forehead. Give
everyone one minute to get the cookie from their forehead
to their mouth without using their hands.

Doughnut Chew

Tie a string around a doughnut and hang it in-between two
chairs. Using only their mouths, have the players try to eat
the entire doughnut without letting it fall off of the string.

That´s a wrap

Give each player a set of oven gloves. Have them try to unwrap candy (such as Hershey Kisses or Starbursts) while wearing
the gloves. The player with the most candy unwrapped after a minute wins!

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